2204: Autistic Spectrum Disorder 1: Diagnosis, Therapeutic I

2204:  Autistic Spectrum Disorder 1: Diagnosis, Therapeutic Interaction and Support. Formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome, this workshop will examine the DSM-5 diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder 1. It will discuss the differences and similarities between individuals and males and females, evidence-based treatment, appropriate assessment and therapeutic support, school interventions, and self-advocacy. Social Workers will also learn about the difficulties facing young adults during and after high school, along with a framework for establishing social support groups for adults and children "on the spectrum," as well as their parents. Presented by:  Lisa Donze Jacob, LCSW.  3.0 Clinical.    $50 Members/$85 Non-Members.
2/4/2022 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM


Saturday, 05 February 2022

2/5/2022 8:30 AM - 2/19/2022 12:59 PM
2/5/2022 8:30 AM

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